Jan. 1st, 2017

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Speakeasy nights are in around the City right now.  We had been invited to parties with brilliant chums, but we have been so ill for so long we wanted something that didn't require the car, yet still got us out of the house. So we decided to go to the Nightjar in Old Street.

There have been all night drinking rooms in London since forever. You had to know where they were though: I remember a ghastly one years back near Oxford Street.Natch I don't know exactly where it was because the Usual Suspects never arrived at or left it sober.  It was not so very far from the Black Horse on Rathbone Place. And it was reet grim. The one on Gerrard Street is thought to be the 'official' oldest and it is said to now be a very elegant establishment. New places have sprung up embracing the theme, with  mock-ups of 1930s detective agencies, most are basically cocktail bars with all night licenses.The  Night Jar is said to be one of the very best in town. Terrific live music, fine and continual nibbles, champagne/ cocktails/whatever on tap, great guests... A superb start to the year.

Resolutions? I am going try not to get my hair cut, apart from the fringe and the nape of the neck. Going to more lectures on interesting stuff. Get into a proper rhythm of work.  Spend more time with friends I hardly see. Exercise. Look for adventures. And enjoy whatever turns up. There, that's my year sorted.


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