Jan. 11th, 2017

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No sooner do we both stop coughing than Larians develops a temperature, and starts aching and shivering. Boot's supersoups to the rescue! We have the ingredients, we have the technology... if only I had any ability to cook. Still, I tried to follow some famous recipe for a flu busting soup, which included garlic, ginger, sweet potato, shiitake mushrooms and goji berries. I used Marigold Swiss Vegetable Buillon, which is normally lovely, but overdid it. The result was basically a revolting orange salt bath. Managed half a bowl and poured it away. Now I have hundreds of dried goji berries - come to think of it, I wonder if the recipe called for fresh ones - which I will have to eat eventually. The next soup was not necessarily flu-busting, just a BBC recipe mushroom soup, which tasted delicious but exploded all over the kitchen because of our kamikaze smoothie maker. I suspect we are expecting too much of it, not least because something was definitely burning, and we both ended up calamitously spattered. At least we didn't get it on the walls this time. It's taken me ages to clean everything up.

However. Turmeric milk for the win! Turmeric, cardamom, honey, cinnamon, ginger... a little black pepper on top, maybe a cinnamon stick... it's delicious. Larians murmured something about 'hippy shit,' but as I hadn't added coconut oil, his unjust slander fell on a deaf tongue. The milk tasted grand. He said he couldn't taste anything and I tried hard not to imagine a note of relief in his voice.

Anyhoo. He's looking better, and I am feeling better than I have done in months. The Bro contacted me this morning from New York. Despite grumbling about jet lag, the rain washing away the snow and the lack of werewolves/vampires/drama on the subway, it's clear he's enjoying himself. Sunday night he was partying, said it was a riot. He's working in Manhattan I think, staying in Jersey city. Says it's a 10 minute drive to the nearest decent diner, but I suspect he's just lost.

I told him to bring me back something appropriate. A brownstone like Sherlock's would do nicely. Knowing my luck, he'll bring me back a brown stone.


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