Jan. 13th, 2017

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We're on a hill, one of the highest around London.

We had a light carpet of snow, enough for little beastie footprints, and white bonnets for all the cars. Now it's melting. Not proper Narnia at all. What rubbish.

The sky must have cleared late, because I did wake to see the full moon shining bright through my window. I was so sleepy though, I didn't follow it downstairs for a chat.

Dreamed of old friends GA and JS, and one old not-a-friend. Apart from GA who seemed to be arranging things, we were all readers at a wedding, but I had no idea of the order,or the readings. For some reason we were all going be camping/setting up temporary residence together. I went into a grand shop to get some loo paper for everyone,and a lady told me to go out the back, where I could buy it. When I came back in, this huge shop was deserted, and I was alone in the perfume section. Someone - it might have been GA - picked up a perfume and recommended it to me. It was called 'Simply Neptune.'

It makes me think there's magic nearby, and worlds strange and winsome to explore. This morning's sky is blue here and almost luminous pink over London. To the North-West I can see a spire of what seems to be gold metal gleaming. It's all very slightly Rodney Matthews. The wind's blowing across the hill, and the day will become ordinary any minute. But not quite yet.


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