Jan. 14th, 2017

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Let your hair grow, said the moon,
with her crazy bald face,
let it roll like the clouds
And for sure she was pretty,
counting night geese on my fingers
She said, if you leave things be now
they'll be fine and easy.
You need a swing, the yard,
I'll bring you music.

The old tree creaked
like it agreed with everything.
Tonight it's all right
to be a kid, a spiral of stars
moving out from the centre
The moon said, I'm hungry.
Bring pizza. Hear that engine?
Come on now, come on now,
you're ready, we're running.
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I do love the Times. Despite its insane owner and obvious right wing slant, it still manages to maintain a rational tone, and yes, call me naive, I still trust it as a useful source, though it would be foolish to rely on it alone.

Now we learn that Ted Malloch, the man tipped to be America's next ambassador to the UK has mentioned that the US could play the UK's"Rich Uncle"* in Brexit talks.

We will snap it up of course, because the US administration will expect nothing in return for such open-handedness. Rich uncles never want anything back.

Mr Malloch has suggested that Trump should extend a similar offer to other EU countries on a bi-lateral basis, which would undermine the EU commission. It is just a coincidence that such a move would delight Putin, who has never quite got over the old sanctions thing, and of course, may have plans of his own for Eastern Europe. Nato could get in the way of those, but Trump doesn't sound up for upsetting his new BBF.

In the meantime, China is ramping up the rhetoric about any US attempt to get over-enthusiastic in the South China seas,and/or the US is ramping up the rhetoric about any Chinese attempts to get over-enthusiastic in the South China seas. Cheery phrases like 'Devastating confrontation and 'large scale war' are being bandied in the Chinese press. Actual Chinese government spokespersons have been considerably more chilled, thank god. Common sense and all that.

But speaking from a tinpot island, I am intrigued by what would happen to the Golden Age of Trade with China post-Brexit GB business is relying on, if Rich Uncle suddenly decides we have to be on his side? It would never happens of course because Rich Uncle Wuvs Oo. But just in case; can we have favourable business terms with two powers on the verge of war with each other? Friends to everyone, jathink?

No, me neither.

*Their quotation marks


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