Jan. 21st, 2017

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That speech didn't even make sense.

I count myself as so lucky to have my early sights of the world shaped by Singapore, by people who were different from me, different from each other. Born here, we had to go where the RAF sent Dad, and I am grateful for that; I am grateful to have had an olive skinned, dark-eyed, dark haired mother and a yellow haired pink skinned blue eyed father, grateful to have had hot and cold running DNA, grateful to have learned so early from a landscape of different tones,cultures and peoples, Malays, English,Indian, Chinese. Those years of learning fearlessness in the face of difference, to delight in it all, that was an immense privilege.

And now to see that these principles count for nothing, that suddenly xenophobia and meanness, cruelty and othering is the order of the day, that I truly am a stranger in my own country, that the land whose ostensible principles shaped so much of my upbringing has surrendered to the squeakings of a pumped up demi-Mussolini, to watch it all knowing that my unvoted for representatives in this matter will kowtow to any evil for a deal because they are desperate and lack the integrity to challenge lies... to see the desire for exclusion writ large across the West... Well it is an ugly thing, a heartbreaking thing. I have one comfort and it is a small one; I repudiate this filth utterly and always. My conscience is clear, my soul, if such a thing exists, does not betray me. I played no part in this evil nonsense, never humoured it, and never will.

Enough of that. Today I am off to see my best lady, who is getting married in October, and wants to chat about the wedding! After this, we go ghost hunting. There's a workshop beforehand on how to use the instruments for gauging humidity, temperature drop etc. Should be interesting.


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