Feb. 4th, 2017

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Wow. It takes something for a restaurant to persuade me into eating so much I can't bear the idea of a coffee yet. Last night, we celebrated a friend's birthday in The Begging Bowl at Peckham, nice area too, which just goes to show. I was completely unaware that there were nice areas in Peckham! The food was good particularly the selection of greens in a delicious garlic gravy/jus whatever. I've eaten small mountains of rice, and it's not even my fave carb. My stomach is still in a state of distended shock. Everything came out in delicate but dangerously repeatable little portions, so we had no idea we were eating ourselves into oblivion before it was too late.

I have to pull myself together as we have a masseuse and a chimney sweep coming this morning.

But not yet.
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On FB, a friend of mine put up this juicy tidbit from the Sun: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154754562436391&set=a.10150137340166391.327647.532046390&type=3&theater

We are all about looking after our own and no-one else suddenly, and we get to be insulting and downright racist to foreigners cos we like that, but now the Spanish aren't sharing their lettuce with us! It's so unfair! How can they be so mean? They're doing it on purpose. They made that bad weather happen just to give us all scurvy. This is their revenge for the Armada!

Lettuce is hard to grow in the UK without heated polytunnels, an expensive option. So eat local produce in winter, and try to stave off scurvy by eating limes. Do we grow limes? We do not. Where do we get limes from?
Oh dear.

Damn these foreigners, selling us their produce, giving us choice of food throughout the seasons and helping us stay healthy! Who needs vitamin C? Damn them, Damn them all!


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