Feb. 6th, 2017

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The dream was odd. A man with whom I had a real life acquaintance was shmoogling up to me. This was a surprise as not only was the gent a deeply unshmoogly sort, he was certainly never my cup of tea, and the feeling was mutual except for one time when he got very drunk and gave me what could best be described as a signal. He was smashed beyond coherence so chances are he thought I was his girlfriend, but in any case, it was a matter of surprise, both in real life and the dream. During the latter there was a way out of something, but it entailed climbing up towards a window or vent, in which I could see a big brown rat. I don't mind rats really - I find them sensitive and intelligent creatures - but I didn't fancy putting my face close on a level with it. Transpired that was unnecessary as said rat ran out of the window straight towards me bringing with it a whole bunch of gerbils or hamsters who had been eating a face/ massive puppet head or something. They scattered, never touching me, though they made me question the wisdom of heading in the direction they were so frantic to leave. In the dream it wasn't horrible, though I appreciate it's grim when written down.


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