Feb. 8th, 2017

smokingboot: (boots that smoke)
Struggling to find the key. What's the spec? Fantasy rather than Sci-fi (easier to sell) multi strand stories...something I burn about. What makes me burn? The desire to get away, finding another country. And I suppose this is why I am drawn towards the stars at the moment, when so much seems to be pushing us towards war. I say 'so much.' I probably mean Trump and Bannon and maybe even Putin. Bannon is reported to have this vision of a purging event; the 'Fourth Turning,' http://time.com/4659390/howe-strauss-steve-bannon/
Even Bannon cannot possibly think war is the way to rebirth America, unless he is actually mad ...But I can see how he and others might consider the fear of such a war very useful.

All this comes at a very interesting time. What's big on-screen now? Super-heroes saving the world from threats, from itself, Game of Thrones presents larger than life people who must and should unite against a greater menace even though their own world is a bit shit, the Star Wars franchise wakes up and is suddenly good again, after those bloody awful prequels. There's good drama too, but we really are seeing a fascinating emergence of what was once geek culture into the mainstream. In theatre we see new immersive forms arising, music seems to be in a deeply uninventive phase ... Cartoon commentary and satire are doing well, one-liners and pithy memes proliferate. There's lots of expression everywhere. Detailed worlds, everyone wants an escape so convincing it feels real. But despite the new and fascinating forms, there is a theme that repeats; Somewhere Not Here. And I should be able to plug into that because I have felt it most of my life, but there is a part of me that thinks escapism is for when life is dull, not for when life is dangerous.

Maybe I should just write and see where it takes me. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't.

Pff. Thinking so hard,getting nowhere.Tests show great results, lungs, heart, all fine, but bloodwork indicates allergens,and I still can't breathe. So it's time for an ear, nose and throat specialist.


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