Feb. 12th, 2017

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We celebrated,and though I am not hungover, my dreams were mainly alcohol inspired, so not worth recording as any kind of record of my psyche. But sometimes landscapes, routes or paths recur with a strong sense of being real places.One such turned up last night, very clearly, a pathway near Bermondsey or down Southwark way, which starts real enough with a bright cheap little cafe full of people, and then becomes a road near a cliff's edge.

Across from that edge was a kind of man-made edifice where apes sat rather bored; generic primates, larger than chimps,smaller than gorillas with few defining characteristics. They are not very interesting. But turning north, there were the most huge eagles/vultures/hawks I had ever seen. Some even had saddles. They were kept there by chains around neck or feet, but still could fly, though not away from the site. Alongside there was a path, and I knew, from other dreams,where it leads. It goes to a castle which,in my dreamland, folk equate with Arthur. The outside is carved of pale, almost yellow, stone with strange figures on it,covered with slick black soot. Many of the faces and details have been worn away by time and rain.

There is a recurring theme in my dreams, of a road with an old ruin/great building beside it into which I somehow never make my way. I used to have it about a cathedral under ground, a place slipping away down a sort of tunnel.

It would be interesting to use lucid dreaming techniques to get into the old castle. But that feels like cheating somehow.

Meanwhile, looks like a visit to Japan in 2019, provided the tickets aren't ridiculously expensive. Could be wonderful!


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