Feb. 16th, 2017

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Someone buried eight copper-alloy pots of flowers and seeds down near Pewsey, on the boundaries between the Romans and anglo-saxon marauders from the East. 410 AD, the Emperor Honorios told the legions to leave; radiocarbon dating places the burial of this hoard somewhere between 380 and 550 AD. Because the pots were placed carefully facing upwards, with the seeds inside an inner pot facing downwards, the plant material survived, bracken and knapweed, buttercups and sedges and cowslips... They don't know if the pots were votive, or placed by members of a fleeing community who hoped to return if ever Roman rule was re-established. I like the latter story.*

The pots are going to the museum in Devizes. I've heard excellent things about the museum,though it was very unimpressive when I was a child. But now, apparently there are all sorts of things, including shamanic bits and pieces. I should go back and have a look, if only the town wasn't so bloody depressing!

Still... ancient flowers. Once upon a time, lovely folk lived nearby...

*Info courtesy of today's Times.


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