Mar. 10th, 2017

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cures a lot of problems.

My dreams were strange,my mother riding on a beautiful white horse to which she was occasionally cruel. She told me she had googled how to train it by hitting it with rocks. A friend explaining about another friend in words I couldn't understand. Picking out a dress that was a lovely shape though slightly wrong colour,only to realise at the last minute that it wasn't mine; clearing out a car boot of old food and empty meat packets. Finding that I was part of a Hogwarts House called something like 'Lachesis' with mottoes that were positively Blakean in terms and length, and talked about being humble in the face of one's passion or hatred. Ice and worms were mentioned. Finding out that we were sneaking through the house, and not part of it at all...Leaving the place in time to see a parade of its representatives including clergy in red crossing a field. Eschewing the temptation to join them to get back to where we were meant to be...

And yet it was all as peaceful a night's sleep as I can remember, refreshing and pleasant.

Another night out tonight. Must try not to KO myself with good food and drink.


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