Mar. 15th, 2017

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There's a part in 'The Truman Show,' where the protagonist decides he wants to go to Fiji, and finds himself in the most bizarre travel agency:

Do not fly

It reminds me so much of the general indignation against #indyref2 or #scotref or whatever people call it. I have no idea about the general Scottish appetite for another referendum, though I admit to a little laughter at the same arguments that worked anti-Europe being applied anti-UK. But there's always something dodgy in the desire to silence dissent. Surely, if there's no appetite for it, another Scottish referendum will ruin Sturgeon, so from the PM's point of view, what's not to like? It means that she can't use Scottish resources as bargaining chips, but she shouldn't be doing that without the Scottish government's agreement and knowledge anyway. So then, why isn't she relishing the prospect of a demolished rival and humiliated SNP?

I suspect press and polls doth protest too much, especially when retweeted by Russia Today...Much as I would love to visit Russia,I don't want their government getting involved in our politics. From cyberhacking in the States to mysterious money funnelled into the Brexit campaign via the DUP, some very odd things are happening. It can't all come from one source, but only one source is universally strengthened by what we are seeing across Europe and the USA. However crazy it may sound, Cui Bono is always a useful question.

Tin hat aside, when one is being discouraged from doing something, yes, said activity may be genuinely bad for you. Lightning can strike planes. But should that put you off going to Fiji?


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