Mar. 16th, 2017

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[CT Sinuses]

'The frontal sinuses are not developed. Extensive disease involving the ethmoidal sinuses and there is lobulated mucosal thickening with polyps seen involving the maxillary sinuses. The OM complexes are completely obstructed. There is thickening of the nasal mucosa and turbinates reducing the nasal air passages on both sides. There is deviation of the nasal septum to the right side. There is mucosal thickening of the sphenoidal sinuses more so on the left side. Narrowing of the sphenoethmoidal recess is noted. No further abnormality.'

Bloody hell! I am hoping all this is just medicospeak for 'bunged up nose,' but one reads phrases like 'extensive disease' and immediately feels like a plague carrier.'Frontal sinuses not developed' apparently covers around 5% of the population. Why am I always in the special group for pointless crummy things? How on earth can my nose be so unhelpful? It's quite small, how can it possibly be so b*ggered up? Of course, it isn't always like this. Takes a lot to KO me for three months - which in itself is something to be thankful for - and it can't happen again. Next we need the blood test results to see what,if anything, I am allergic to. I still haven't worked out the connection to my lungs; the doctor tried to explain it but I did not quite understand.

Anyway, there's lots worse out there; today it's down into town to deal with a few bits and pieces.

Saw Logan last night; Good end to a series of films best explained as uneven in quality.


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