Mar. 20th, 2017

From Wales

Mar. 20th, 2017 08:34 am
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Well, that was fun.

At some point I need to explore Wales more fully. It's been years since we visited Cardiff Castle and I would love to do it again, but that city and a bit of Newport is really all I have seen of the country,apart from one excursion long ago to a meeting of travellers on the hills above Flintshire. What a place. No pubs open on Sunday, barely a soul on the streets,and those we did see looked at us and all but crossed themselves., Bright stars though, and in the grass up along the hill trails, a toad crossed our path. Later we saw a wasp fighting a firefly. Mark was with us then; we set up our tents and neither he nor [G] had brought one, but someone found room for them anyway. What they lacked was sleeping gear, and it was damned cold. I recall in the middle of the night hearing him burst out of nearby canvas yelling, 'I can't stand it any more!' Another old friend slept in the crook of a tree,in nothing but his leather trousers, shirt and leather coat, and had no problems at all. The celebration lasted a couple of days and nights, in which Whimsy and I found ourselves thoroughly pixie-led in a small copse of trees, out of which we simply could not find our way...

All long ago.

I have not yet been to Snowdonia or the Gower... This weekend was all about friends in their new and rather lovely house along a very posh road in Cardiff. Complete with droll toddler and terrible weather ou, the only exploring we did was of the pantry and booze supplies. The rugby was on, and it was truly rubbish. But the company was most fine.

Next time if the weather's good, I've been promised Castle Coch. That 'if' is quite a condition. Sheets of grey rain followed us out of the station and back again. 'Spring is beautiful in Wales,as soon as the sun shines,' our host told us, 'But that's one day in three if we're lucky.' I hope we can get back there in June, it's time for me to take exploring seriously again.


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