Apr. 1st, 2017

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There's no prank I can pull,no tall story I can tell, that compares to the real world right now. It's very hard not to laugh at the whole Spain veto thing which has been thrown at the Scottish claim for independence in the past and is suddenly applied to Gibraltar. Representatives from the very government which has chosen to ignore the citizens of El Penon in the pursuit of Brexit are suddenly aghast. Gibraltarians mustn't be used as pawns by Spain they say, having completely ignored the wishes of these very citizens as well as having threatened all too happily to use the rights of EU citizens as pawns in the bargaining process. The breathless buffoonery is worthy of today's date and I'm still not sure it isn't a joke.

But the birds have been singing gloriously since before dawn, and that's a pretty reality. Still working to small success, and finding myself better at celebrations over the past week; I love Spring.
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...I find myself having to admit that one of the daftest MPs in history, Louise Mensch, may actually have some ability. I will never forget her attempt to write off Cameron's pig episode as one of those things any student might get up to when drunk, forgetting that most of us have got pissed beyond the abyss without once putting their genitals into the mouth of any animal, dead or alive. Still, maybe that's what passes for normal in Toryshire.

However,it seems she's got her finger on the - noooo, don't try to make it worse - pulse of the Trump/ Russia unravelling. She refers back to a very interesting blog (https://patribotics.blog/) which certainly seems to contain examples of investigative journalism long since mythical in most mainstream press.

But considering the historical Mensch lack of judgement, how can such a thing be?

April Fools day started a while back and shows no likelihood of ending by sunset...


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