Apr. 19th, 2017

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Hmm, a thing.

Given all the increasingly interesting evidence of Trump/Russia collusion, and Russian interference in the US election, I wrote to Ben Bradshaw, Labour MP for Exeter, to ask if anyone was investigating the same possibility re Brexit. There have been reports of 'anonymous' donations coming to the Leave campaign via the DUP, etc, etc.

I got a message back from Mr Bradshaw yesterday: '... As far as I know, a number of Parliamentary committees are looking at aspects of this, as is the Electoral Commission. If you google Russian interference EU Referendum – you will probably find some useful articles about it. I am also aware of a number of journalists and news organisations who are running their own investigations. I am doing what I can to help and encourage this process. It would be extremely helpful if you could write to [your MP], asking him to put your concerns to the Cabinet Office Minister, Ben Gummer. The more MPs who raise concerns and ask the relevant questions the better...'

Which I will do. I have taken a bit of time to think about it, though, and to ask myself this question;

If I liked the referendum result and thought it was good for the country, would it matter to me if that result was due to another country's illegal interference? Would I care about it being espionage in such circumstances?
I hope my answer would be the same as it is now. If the country genuinely wants Brexit, it should get what it wants, but there should be no doubt that this is the country's desire, and re-iterated lies about how united we are becoming do not add any credibility to the situation. We need to be sure that there has been no undue illicit manipulation of the process, and we must be very certain that the same cannot be applied to the election.


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