Apr. 21st, 2017

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I was just trying to entertain her; gifts people have sent me, a glass bottle painted with blue fronds/waves/winds, the message stuck inside it, a book of poems and sketches and unfilled pages...She was bored with adult talk and somehow the act of mere talking about the message turned it into an ongoing story. Who sent it and why? If only we could get it out of the bottle! But we never could... She made out the compass map on the inside and the words, 'Set Me Free.' She gave me a message in a bottle to throw into the river in the hope it would get back to the captive. She wondered if there had been any response. I had assumed she would forget, but no. So before we trek into Warwickshire to see her Mum, I have tried to create a clue, a message that, according to absent minded Boot, turned up on the doorstep and was put somewhere safe, the exact whereabouts forgotten - miraculously, I will have found it, and bring it to her tonight.

The clue is ready, in a little envelope. Here is the stamp:
Edited to add: Oh for god's sake! DW must needs have a URL, and it won't add the image from its own hosting capacity! If anyone knows how I can just upload an image, I would be grateful to learn...

It's as good a depiction of part of the Richmond coat of arms as I could manage. Here's the original:

purple beaked griffins

Heraldic griffins with purple beaks and a portcullis between them are well beyond me. As it is, the Richmond swan looks as though it's wearing sunglasses.

Where will the clue take her? Richmond Park. What happens then? I have no idea. By the time we get to the end of this story she is likely to be half way through her teens.


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