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It's been a while since my own ravin' raven gave a few rusty caws on my lj. Please note, this is a rather depressing demi-rant, in which I use words like 'we' and 'people' but I don't mean's a clumsy way of referring to a general vague trend I've noticed. So, if you read this, please bear in mind, it's just mental froth. I am not having a pop at anyone in particular.

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All the below shows is the obvious re the Arctic Monkeys.

This weekend saw us in the company of chums [profile] november_girl and [personal profile] ephraim. It became a throwback to the old days of [profile] november_girl's flat, where folk would eat, drink and pass out, usually leaving [profile] larians and [profile] november_girl to sit and talk til dawn, only to wake much later at the behest of a late lunch/football match/whatever.

I'm having a minor regression myself. Gone is this year's earlier sparkly-nailed, sunkissed boot, not quite golden tan streaks down her arm, not quite blonde streaks in her hair. The nails have come off, and I've decided they need a rest, so now all that's left are my own chunky little nails painted ruby, like a punk rocker's kid sister. The so-called tan has gone with the so-called summer, and the hair?

Ah well, the hair. I decided to take a leaf from a certain [profile] velvet_the_cat and try Lush Shop's henna powder, branded by Lush's happy marketers as 'Caca' because that's what it looks like. Some joke.

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So right now, the person in the mirror is a brown haired white skinned freckled woman with stubby nails. Well, my rota starts again next week, and I will sparkle this up as appropriate, cos I love that aspect of my work, but today I also like what I see. Been thinking about the past recently. Have decided to keep the good bits.
Now, back to 505.


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