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Oh my.

So beguiled have I been with the tiny villages around the Valdechiana, so caught up with full blown rose scent and the sun spilling itself in eggy neon over the mountains* I was actually not that fussed about visiting the Great Firenze herself. What an idiot I would have been.

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Water monsters of the Arno )

The day had one more animal mystery for us, but this we never solved. On the way home, [personal profile] bad_moon_rising and [profile] squintywitch saw a strange beast in the headlights. The former saw a creature that seemed half fox or half cat, very low to the ground with a striped tail, and wondered if it was a huge maine coon cat, the latter saw something like a stripey chinchilla/cat with varrrrst outsize ears. We are all none the wiser.

* La Colonica seems to have achieved the impossible and turned me into an early riser. Couldn't help it,the mornings were too lustrous to miss.

**It's my lj I can make up words if I want to.
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It's like a monster, only way too friendly.

My sex drive has a certain cryptozoological quality to it: vanishes for so long I forget it ever existed and then leaps out at inconvenient moments, like those panthers constantly sighted running away from shopping centres in South Mims, or the underwater beasties that have such an air of mystery, danger, and archaic power, yet leave no greater evidence than a few shadowy humps.

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