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The snow has lost all confidence and is now rain. Just as well as we're meant to be travelling to a party today.

Met some excellent friends in the Cork and Bottle on Thursday, end of my dry January. It's strange to note the effects of alcohol after a few weeks avoidance. I am delighted by the fact that a dry January was easy; it just feels very nice. Tonight is a major celebration, so I'm going to be tanked no doubt, but if I can drink a large glass of water after each cocktail, it'll pace things out and save me from that thick gutted boozy bellied morning afterness. And then I may try another dry month, exceptions allowed. It just feels pleasant and less heavy.

One of our friends stayed over and we talked about memories of LARP.

I am probably done with LARP,though never say never. Love my friends but I would rather see them as they are; I want to explore the real and many worlds before they are lost to me or I am lost to them. I want the desert and the deep, and caves and lost cities and dreams and stories to be found, listened to, told. That's where I am.

A very telling dream last night. I was wandering up and down a street with some random companion, and doing some kind of trade, in which I always ended up with paper and pills which I presumed were ecstasy. I had about 6 of these things before my companion suggested we leave the street, in case the police stopped us and it all got too interesting. A lorry stopped and gave us a lift. Time to go.
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I went to Maelstrom and played a sentient cactus. Enjoyed myself with lots of friends, and I feel a whole lot better.

Quincey the pear tree is not a quince, but a 'Doyenne Du Comice'. This was a mistake as these don't self pollinate, and anyway, I don't even like pears, though [profile] larians is quite a fan. I bought the tree cos it was the last one and I felt sorry for it, plus I love the way pear tree branches lift rather than droop. Quincey should have been planted against a south wall, and had its branches pinned prettily back; instead he/she/it lives right at the centre of our garden looking like some small leafy tramp fighting daisies, insect appetites, wind damage and sheer neglect. All Quincey got from me was this organic seaweed feed occasionally. Because there aren't many pear trees around, I resigned myself to Quincey's life as a virgin. Then this year came flowers and later, a batch of pearlets. Only five but still...

Took them from the tree last week, put them in a bowl to ripen, waiting for the inevitable pear tradition of notripenotripenotriperipenoweatnowtooripetooripetooripe. The first began to show signs of over-softness this morning so I tried it. It's absolutely delicious.

In other news, if you are on facebook and you know me and I haven't added you as a friend, it's not cos I don't like you, it's because facebook hurts my head and I just don't get it yet.
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I suppose I should try to get some order into my thoughts about the Easter hol, which was spent in a field doing this: It is a strange person who spends four days pretending to be a fantasy Japanese fox maiden in a field full of flintlocks, frockcoats, rubber weapons and latex masks. But then, I never claimed to be normal.

Before I went, I didn't want to pretend to be another person in a fantasy world. I wanted to go exploring this one with no persona other than my own; Alas, poor shallow me! I will have to do that some other time. This weekend was so much fun it pulled me in, like a kid reluctant to play suddenly catching on to the game; I was with a fantastic group of people, and I got to meet,(albeit only briefly) wonderful chums [profile] november_girl, [profile] mamapusscat and [profile] falco_biarmicus. I have been surrounded by excellent company all weekend and my weary heart has been replenished. Many thanks to [profile] littlemiscowboy for looking after the cats!

Plus I made a discovery this weekend:

On site there was this wonderful little hippy cafe, 'Earthheart' which sold lovely organic food and chai.I have never tried chai before. It is this wonderful warming long brewed tea of many ingredients including (as far as I could detect) cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, cardamom...I found myself perfectly capable of drinking 4 mugs of it at a go; 6 would leave me replete. Nothing that tastes so nice can be good for me.

A bit weary but otherwise, I'm OK. Suddenly find myself in need of a black 'duster'coat, a tricorn, a fox mask that doesn't stick to your face like chewing gum in the heat, and three oriental shirts I can wear over leather trousers. Oh, and a recipe for perfect chai.


Apr. 5th, 2006 08:43 am
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So first there was Scotland and chums, and a really rich LARP system called Cuckoo's Nest (for a definition of LARP, see The system was great, the people were great (thanks so much [profile] jennifermc, [profile] daisyann, [profile] squintywitch, [personal profile] bad_moon_rising and many others who either don't have lj monickers or wisely keep them hidden from the boot) the fun had was great but the scenery was the star. It is hard to fantasize about other worlds in a place where everything around you proves how beautiful this one is.

Now, some might argue that for a lady intending to do a screen test in London on Tuesday, where her hands will be on prominent display under cameras, spending the weekend before on a rampage in the wilds might be considered a foolish thing to do. OK, so I had got a lot of green and yellow makeup under the nails. OK, so I had hit my knuckles against something (probably my head) and they were red and scraped. But I guessed I could hide it in some way. It was only when I tried painting them (varnish just ran straight off the acrylic) and putting transfers on (which fell off) that I found myself staring at the horrible truth: Less than a fortnight after paying some chavissima £27 to give me bright clean nails and a gem daisy that fell off, I was staring at hands Rocky Marciano would have flinched from.

Getting into London the night before the test, I ran around Archway looking for a nail salon, and found a Chinese lady who stared at the mess in awe; 'You paid English people to do this to you?' she said. She applied everything short of a flame-thrower to them. £14 and an hour later, they looked great. Yesterday they looked great too; the day was mostly spent watching the show. I was told I would be introduced and spend a couple of minutes talking to a presenter, her manic smile reflecting the rabbit-in-headlights terror of my own bared lips and bulging eyes; in fact, as the show is interactive, we started getting texts and dealing with the public almost instantly. My terror was great, but everyone applauded as I came off set, and they made me feel good. Let's see where it goes from here.

In other news to myself, very important news, it is weird how, despite everything being so much more constructive, I haven't been myself recently; things have bugged me that I should be able to drop, I have been emotional and tired and weepy. It isn't me. But I have pinpointed the situation around which it is happening, and in an unprecedented attack of commonsense, am going to have to be a grown up about it. This is a temporary situation; but even a temporary foray into emotional maturity will help right now. Normal idiocy will be resumed as soon as possible. See my new icon? I am going to use it for times when I need to convince myself that responsibility is regal and fascinating and not a chore at all.

Yeah, right. Whatever.


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