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Other things occurred to me. On sunday morning I found myself remembering that this is a holy time to some, the time of the resurrection, and in and of itself, a time of Spring; I suddenly wanted the real world, I wanted just to go wandering the hills around us and looking at all the green, all the blossoms.

Now time to rest and think.

*Of course it's a word!
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I suppose I should try to get some order into my thoughts about the Easter hol, which was spent in a field doing this: It is a strange person who spends four days pretending to be a fantasy Japanese fox maiden in a field full of flintlocks, frockcoats, rubber weapons and latex masks. But then, I never claimed to be normal.

Before I went, I didn't want to pretend to be another person in a fantasy world. I wanted to go exploring this one with no persona other than my own; Alas, poor shallow me! I will have to do that some other time. This weekend was so much fun it pulled me in, like a kid reluctant to play suddenly catching on to the game; I was with a fantastic group of people, and I got to meet,(albeit only briefly) wonderful chums [profile] november_girl, [profile] mamapusscat and [profile] falco_biarmicus. I have been surrounded by excellent company all weekend and my weary heart has been replenished. Many thanks to [profile] littlemiscowboy for looking after the cats!

Plus I made a discovery this weekend:

On site there was this wonderful little hippy cafe, 'Earthheart' which sold lovely organic food and chai.I have never tried chai before. It is this wonderful warming long brewed tea of many ingredients including (as far as I could detect) cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, cardamom...I found myself perfectly capable of drinking 4 mugs of it at a go; 6 would leave me replete. Nothing that tastes so nice can be good for me.

A bit weary but otherwise, I'm OK. Suddenly find myself in need of a black 'duster'coat, a tricorn, a fox mask that doesn't stick to your face like chewing gum in the heat, and three oriental shirts I can wear over leather trousers. Oh, and a recipe for perfect chai.


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