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First of all, it is the beautiful wild child [profile] bytepilot's birthday. Happy Birthday, oh most exquisite of popes!

Second, the wind blew wild, and the rain has come, my pear tree is budding and the air is still electric with last night's magic!

Thirdly; the moon was red and black, colours always beautiful for me, and now more than ever. Want to see why?

Thank you [profile] jjarrold I spent ages trying to upload this and finally ganked it off your lj in despair!
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Glinting up there, dark heart, bright skin. Red and black fluttering across the surface, a night ruby, a face talking, moths flying out of the mouth.

It is as well I have no lover beside me tonight; I wouldn't know whether to kiss them or bite them hard and crimson.

I go to prowl the night lands. Put wolfsbane at your door lest I be nearby!
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Pink and blue sky, glittering grass, the moon still hanging there straight west, fainter than the frost, birds sailing across its surface. Pretty morning.

I like waning moons. They look a bit crazed and sinister at night, but in the morning, they always make me think of a kindly face peeking out at you. My scientific ignorance is so great, I don't know why the moon disappears in the day. If anyone reading this can dispel my duncehood, twould be a kindly thing to do!

Lots to do, including travel down to London. I love the show but now have a stupid amount of work to do, and I need to manage my time with a little discipline.

Which I guess means leaving lj land for now. Catch you later!


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