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I don’t have a moment’s sorrow
Undiluted by sunlight;
I have dust motes
On the surface of a mirror
Cracks in the pavement
Alloys in joy

Clown shoes in a trunk
An unquiet jester
Who cannot stop laughing
And won’t let me, either.
And when I say ‘stop now!’
It looks so puzzled,

Belled head jingling:
Scalps on a belt.
‘But you know how it is,
You know very well.
And you can’t stop to
Filter blood out of ink,

Tell the travels of clouds
Or believe in true lies,’
Sorrow untouched
By anger or laughter
Is a reed in the river
Too rare for entangling

The slim crescent rises
And frog music plays
Above, a patient star says
Cast your tears to flight
For the song is waiting,
And everything, everything is new.’

For you

Dec. 24th, 2006 01:20 pm
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The Oxen by Thomas Hardy )

Whether you would go to see the oxen kneel or not, may a kind magic find you this season.

With love

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The equinox is upon us. Have a bunny. No, the icon does not depict The Watership Down Chainsaw Massacre. They are just scampering around their warren cos they have lots of energy, little gits that they are.

Spring is here. We can all start taking our clothes off. I am too knackered to take my clothes off, I may just crash out on the bed like this. Helpfully, my brain won't switch off:

Once again limb-loosing love shakes me,
bitter-sweet, a dusky animal.
- Sappho

'Dusky Animal' could be a dark bunny of desire; the shops are full of chocolate rabbits. Maybe that's what she meant. I am so tired I don't know if I want sex, sleep, chocolate or poetry.

See you in the morning.

P.S. To any chocolate rabbits who may turn up in my bed tonight, be you white, milk, dark, or any variation thereof; don't be shy, I promise not to bite your ears off...too quickly.


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