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It's been a while since my own ravin' raven gave a few rusty caws on my lj. Please note, this is a rather depressing demi-rant, in which I use words like 'we' and 'people' but I don't mean's a clumsy way of referring to a general vague trend I've noticed. So, if you read this, please bear in mind, it's just mental froth. I am not having a pop at anyone in particular.

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No, it's not good. Ralik brought in his first kill of the year, a butterfly. Surya brought hers in days ago, a wee mouse. I object to the mouse less than the butterfly, because lets face it, meeces are cute but very dirty. Butterflies, on the other hand, are just lovely. I know it's just nature, but I felt sad and weary to see it dead.

What of today? Well, due to a shifts cock-up, I am in danger of offending everybody and missing a very important night. I have juggled and talked and wheedled and the scheduler will come back to me hopefully tomorrow with a replacement plan. He is sanguine we can work something out, I am afraid he will give me a show worth less cash and therefore paying less. But never mind. I just want this out of the way.

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I want just now to be little and lost enough to bury my head against someone's chest, and listen to gentle words and a strong heartbeat, and forget Maelstrom at the weekend, forget shifts and shows and dates and times, forget everything except dark and candlelight and maybe some music and a kiss or two. I don't feel sorry, don't need to cry. But I know I could write later, sleep perhaps, if I just stop for a while and feel cherished and empty.

Gah! Enough. I know what's wrong with me. I'm tired.


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