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The snow has lost all confidence and is now rain. Just as well as we're meant to be travelling to a party today.

Met some excellent friends in the Cork and Bottle on Thursday, end of my dry January. It's strange to note the effects of alcohol after a few weeks avoidance. I am delighted by the fact that a dry January was easy; it just feels very nice. Tonight is a major celebration, so I'm going to be tanked no doubt, but if I can drink a large glass of water after each cocktail, it'll pace things out and save me from that thick gutted boozy bellied morning afterness. And then I may try another dry month, exceptions allowed. It just feels pleasant and less heavy.

One of our friends stayed over and we talked about memories of LARP.

I am probably done with LARP,though never say never. Love my friends but I would rather see them as they are; I want to explore the real and many worlds before they are lost to me or I am lost to them. I want the desert and the deep, and caves and lost cities and dreams and stories to be found, listened to, told. That's where I am.

A very telling dream last night. I was wandering up and down a street with some random companion, and doing some kind of trade, in which I always ended up with paper and pills which I presumed were ecstasy. I had about 6 of these things before my companion suggested we leave the street, in case the police stopped us and it all got too interesting. A lorry stopped and gave us a lift. Time to go.
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I need a fox mask; the one I have is hopeless (if you know anyone who could make a wearable bearable fox mask, do let me know) so I was searching the web when I came across the site below. It is dedicated to the Yup'iq culture of Alaska, and explains the masks, stories and shamanic beliefs of the people. There were several things that impressed me about it; the first was that all the animal masks have people's faces on them somewhere, as part of the belief that every animal has 'personhood' within them, and should be respected.

The second is the way each page is set up. First there is the mask, followed by the story, then as the page goes down, basic biological information about the animal and then, underneath, one or two thoughtful questions: On the fox page it asks

Are there any similarities between a fox's community and your community? If so, what?

On the wolf page it asks:

What in your community would be improved if you or other members of your community could call on the power of the wolf?

On the bear page, after talking about the respect that must be paid to bears it asks:

What person or animal in your community do your elders tell you to treat with respect and never criticize? Why?

Good questions. There's something about this approach I really like. Here's the link:


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