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To the Mighty Mr [personal profile] ephraim!
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Born on a wednesday, 45 years ago today! I love my birthday!

Full of woe you know; apparently Wednesday was Woden's day, and it was a day of wisdom...and woe natch, cos understanding brought sorrow/a deep abiding cynicism,/visions of ragnarok. I am very wise and very woeful, as you can tell. I am also a little bubbling fountain of Bucks Fizz right now. My love bought me champagne and chocolates, a very classy looking vase and some crazy-gorgeous azanias which I planted this morning.

Got the strangest life gifts this last year;

A dream come true
A journey to the heart of learning and beauty
Frippery, fun, folly and other f's.
And the strangest gift of all - the love of my job. I never thought to see the day when what I do would make me so happy every day. I was offered a show tonight, and were I not already looking forward to some very dear company, I would have taken it, cos few things delight me more than my work. Except my other work. Come the 20th I will be taking time off to continue with my writing, a ridiculous piece which pleases me immensely. How did such an inveterate fool get this funky stuff?

One more present of course; I get so much support from worlds visible and invisible, and if you are reading this, chances are you're a part of that, so cheers! Bucks Fizz has nothing to do with it, and neither does this (occasional) pig of a medium.* I'm happy. Thank you for being here:-)

*I mean lj of course, not me!


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