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Promised myself I would note all the good wines we tried and want to try again; Last night it was a luscious red Il Primo, Selezionato di Alberto Romeo Sangiovese Shiraz 2007. The Times describes it as a new world wine with an Italian heart, and talks about plum and cherry notes with a hint of tobacco.

Don't know about that, cherry notes in anything except fresh cherries make me shudder. I couldn't detect it...all I detected was a red wine that really didn't need food to justify it, let alone the pizza and chicken wings we devoured around its loveliness; it didn't mind such riff-raff company and carried itself like a rose among thorns.

Speaking of which, I may well need a rose. Unlike many of my friends, I am not going to a castle, because I have a day show on Sunday, so I guess the point is to make the best of it. I am trying to write a romance, and I feel about as romantic as a kitchen duster. Earlier in the week I bought some beautiful flowers, striped and multi-coloured tulips plus elegant amyryllises? amaryllii? Lovely though they are, they aren't triggering my romance buttons. I guess now would be the moment for roses, but I detest those thorn-free, scent-free, personality free nigh on rose-free roses to be found in every supermarket and most florists. I want a real rose!


Nov. 25th, 2008 05:37 pm
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It's been a long time coming...see, my lurve and I enjoy a yearly indulgence in cases of wine from Laithwaites and Virgin, cos it works out cheaper. OK, maybe not. But it pretty much guarantees value for money which is like being cheaper only more fun, not least because if you find yourself with some evil brew, you merely say so and it gets replaced free of charge. Some of these are random whites, random reds, luxury options of both, bin ends and of course, newly discovered treasures.

We kept promising ourselves that we'd save the labels off the wine bottles we wanted to replenish, because so many of these brands/vineyards are obscure. We never reckoned to the ferocity with which said labels are adhered to the bottles. No amount of soaking works, in fact nothing works, short of the power of prayer. I admit we never got that far. No, we ended up with a forlorn queue of empty bottles whose names/makers/vineyards we wanted to remember. In the end, the only winner was the recycling bin.

Things got worse when we moved down to London. Shortly after our exodus, two big boxes full of wines arrived. One was full of ordinary nice wines, the other full of rather posh and lovely ones. Of course, I didn't know this, so I just emptied both into random wine racks, with the result that every wine drinking event is something of a lottery, and we still have no way of recording the wines we want to repeat.

Until now. Time to make use of my journal!

Last night we had a lovely white, Mas Des Bourettes 2007 Vine de Pays d'Oc, Patrick Lesec Selections, whatever the latter means. Having no nose for wine at all, I can only quote its reputation for rich peachiness from the web. Personally, we just find it round and delicious, as opposed to the Chilean white Agustinoz 2008 Sauvignon Blanc, which, being sharp and dry, may not have benefited from the accompaniment of salt and vinegar crisps. There was also a South African De Meye 2005 Shiraz which may or may not have been lovely, I can't remember...


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