Jan. 6th, 2017

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IgE levels elevated, eosinophyl levels elevated, white blood cell count elevated... He thinks the first two indicate allergic responses, the latter an infection, so he wants us to cure the symptoms and then try to work out what's at the root of it all; probably a CAT scan for the chest and some kind of equivalent for the nose. Came home and suffered real breathlessness, inability to breathe and a raised rash on my arm. Maybe I'm just allergic to hospitals.

I wonder if this will automatically cross-post to Dreamwidth? Will check it out later.

Edited to add: Nope. Didn't automatically crosspost. So I can either start on Dreamwidth or post here and then there. This could get tedious pretty quickly...

Weirdly, DW isn't giving me options for italics or bold, I have to add HTML tags manually, but it is giving me the option to insert an image or embade media, and I thought this needed some email palaver to work. Will try that later.
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Could not be happier,sitting with four pussycats around me,the fire crackling, a glass of red wine and 'The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart.' Then I read the news. Steve Wilson is dead.

Steve was a grand figure on the London pagan scene when I found my way there. He was the Master of Ceremonies at Talking Stick,London's principal meeting place for occultists, magicians etc though he did not organise it. But he could control a crowd with ease and wit. He was a big man, a huge personality with great writing and presenting ability. Here is an article he wrote for the Independent:
as well as letters he wrote to the Telegraph
and the Guardian
https://www.theguardian.com/world/2002/aug/07/religion.uk on the nature of Druidry,with particularly scathing reference to the remarks of the Archbishop of Canterbury.
He wrote books of an esoteric nature, including The Magical Universe:Everyday ritual and magic in pre-modern Europe https://www.amazon.co.uk/Magical-Universe-Everyday-Ritual-Pre-modern/dp/1852852518
and Chaos Ritual https://www.amazon.co.uk/Chaos-Ritual-Steve-Wilson/dp/0954706315

In trying to shed light on the origins of Wicca, it was Steve's idea that the Order of Woodcraft Chivalry might have been a founding inspiration for the New Forest Coven into which Gerald Gardner claimed to have been initiated https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_Woodcraft_Chivalry Certainly Steve knew plenty about these pre-union groups with their connections to cunning folk,spells and trade secrets, Toad Men and the Horseman's Word...

Steve Wilson knew a hell of a lot about magic and the occult. Why all these links? Because he would love you to read his work, whoever you might be.

There was a lot of pain in Steve's background. He told tales of his earliest memories being in learning how to smile at potential adoptive parents. As I understand it, the little boy's ruse worked, but he didn't speak of his youth very much. Pain and unhappiness were not far under the surface of this clever charismatic man, and anger, often demonstrated through alcohol, became an issue. I must say, though, that I never suffered from it. To me, he might sometimes be a drunk gentleman but he was a gentleman nonetheless. I know he gained enemies, and there were some good friends of mine who would not have dealings with him. We get wounded, all of us. Not everybody heals, and nobody heals completely.

Rest in Peace Steve; If there is an afterlife may the sun be shining on you,and the shadowlands a merry memory. May your Goddess/Gods/God be with you. Goodbye X

Edited to add; Well,there I was saying my wee farewells, with candle and wine and a drum and a toast to the lost friend. Told Alexa to play some Loreena McKennit because, oh I don't know, bit druidy sorta. Told her to pause as I spoke. Told her to repeat the song. Out of nowhere she came up with this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLyUcAUMmMY


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