Jan. 17th, 2017

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Ever since the studio, I have maintained an interest in very old school astrology, less for prediction and more for sheer stories. I remain fascinated by constellations and patterns that seem to echo what one wants/fears/expects. How does that happen? And because there has been so much talk everywhere of a possible war with China, I decided to follow the way of William Lilly, the 17th astrologer who specialised in this stuff, and cast an horary chart for whether or not the US would go to war with China.

William's charts are indecipherable to me and always have questions like 'Will My Lord of Marlborough be victorious against his enemies at Essex and meet preferment, or come to grief on account of their many vexations?' It is said that he forecast the King's demise. I would not take credit from the man if it is due, but would say he cast enough charts to wallpaper his house.

No point me discussing the outcome of the chart itself,for all these things are tales, and I pick the one most interesting. When you start with any chart, the first point you look at is called the Ascendant, the rising influence. It begins at the point which, on a watch face would look like 9 am and on a compass face due West. The first thing I saw on that very point was a Behenian fixed star; These are stars considered magically potent by medieval European and Arabic Astrologers, there's about 15 of them,and the maths has to be pretty exact. The one that sits at the start of the chart sent a story-recognising shudder through my wee bones. Epsilon Virgo, known as Vindemiatrix, Arm of the Virgin (Not Mary; Erigone or Astraea) the second general, the Son Who Comes Forward, the Gatherer of Grapes also called the Widow Maker.

It would not presage a peace-loving environment, but environment is just that, and these are long discarded dreams of old bones. Admittedly if William Lilly was beside me he might well say 'Aye, taketh that popcorn which is thine and avail thyself of a seat, but best be it for thee if that seat be far far away...'

Besides, the virgin's arm doesn't stretch so very far. In real life, the friend who was my Best Lady is getting married in Autumn, and my cleaner will be tying the knot in December. There now, real life!


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