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Less than two days back and I'm a bunged up snuffler once more. It's really odd. I wonder if I am developing an allergy to England. Local Council elections have an element of Alice through the Looking Glass about them; Somehow the SNP getting 431 seats and the Tories coming in second at 276 translates into some kind of Tory win in the eyes of UK mainstream media. I am not at all surprised at the demise of Labour; Labour unionists might well become Conservative unionists if they want to stay in the UK, and turn away from info about food banks and the like, because factual history is unfashionable right now. I don't know and I give up trying to work out why some turkeys vote for Christmas.

The thorny question of my next project is still bugging me. There are options but few really captivate me. I wonder what it takes?

Date: 2017-05-08 03:48 pm (UTC)
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Turkeys voting for Christmas, I wouldn't mind that so much if I wasn't also a Turkey. :(
I don't understand it either.


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