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Thank you Monsier Chabal. Whilst I admire your sheer moria-derived monstrosity, your psychotic glare and your power of ambling along a rugby pitch with lesser mortals clinging to your thighs like some semi-Lomu, I do believe England can take you, yes even you, down with more ease than they could this New Zealand side when it's on form. Thank you for sending the All Blacks home. You and Michalak were great, even if, just for today, you can't compare to the joy that was the England Pack in their game against the Wallabies. Bye bye Australia, meet you some other tomorrow.

I'm not competitive really...well hey, maybe that's not quite true. Just a tiny smidgeon, a mere soupcon of competitiveness.

Hee hee hee.

Other things, a wonderful night out celebrating the anniversary of [profile] cyanidemigraine's arrival on the planet. Fantastic music, great night out followed by a fab day of ruggerbeelove with [profile] littlemiscowboy and Bruce sans lj. Plus I received a very late birthday parcel from my mother, proof that she is a)still alive and b) compos mentis enough to retain her excellent taste. I have a new handbag (she knows I get through a handbag every three months)and a beautiful pashmina plus matching belt. My mother is the goddess of accessories. They are gorgeous, but more wonderful than any of these is the return address on the back - I can contact her, if I do it before she disappears again.

Wine and lover are waiting. Happy boot sends you much love and many kisses xxx

New Job

Mar. 24th, 2006 08:47 am
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So the daisy died, and my mother and I missed each other (she was convinced we were meeting at Oxford Circus, I was waiting at Piccadilly) and now I have a beautiful present for her that is too delicate to post.

But I got the job. Thanks to [profile] mamapusscat for great advice/hospitality/generally being wonderful! Things can still go wrong - it's in media, and has to do with studios and tech, so plenty of room for disaster there - and it means working in London, which is wonderful but has obvious difficulties as I currently live near Manchester - but I can work some days a week, and come home and write for the rest, cos the money, despite being very poor for tv, is much better than I am on now.

I ambled down down from Great Portland Street to Piccadilly. It felt really good to be back. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret me and [profile] larians buying our bears' den up here, with the bats and the frogs, and the park behind us; By the time I left London last time, impoverished and emotionally exhausted, I was ready for a change, and this place has healed my sore little heart. Maybe the Tao Te Ching is right when it says that when a time or situation fulfills itself, it then flows into its opposite, and the key is to understand that and move with the changes. We've been, or rather we have felt poor and ill and work-drained. Here smiles a change, seemingly laden with opportunity. Let's see what it becomes; bends in the road can lead to dead ends, but for now, we walk and enjoy.


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