Feb. 24th, 2017

The Vision

Feb. 24th, 2017 06:51 am
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I am exhausted and there's more to come.

Bro's friend/companion/whatever wanted to turn the garage into a tardis for the birthday celebration tomorrow. He has confessed to me his tendency to obsess over small details. He may have a point; if I was going to criticise at all I would say that said tendency combined with a huge vision was always likely to cause delay, so timing probably needed more attention. He has created a framework on the walls for insulation of all things, to which we are attaching panels which then may hold floor length mirrors. There are panels to be painted, holes to be bevilled, and all sorts of stuff to be finished,which we could have done in the garden had there not been a hurricane outside. It will be a bloody marvel if it's ready in time, but it will look amazing.

Moving these panels around is really difficult. 'Now you know how it's been for me, doing this by myself,' said the young genius. If I wanted to be churlish I would have pointed out that this was his idea and his was the claim that he would be able to do it in time...

The house itself took me aback somewhat, and god knows I'm robust when it comes to a peck of dirt here and there. My brother understood finally that people would be in his house on Saturday. 'Here?' He said, 'But it's a pigsty!' I kept quiet though it's possible my expression might have betrayed something. 'I'm sure I mentioned it,' said the Genius. I am equally sure he did no such thing. In short, I got home late and will be going across to my brother's house again early afternoon today.

I'm tired even thinking about it.
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Get up Boot, you must go.

Go now. Go.

Get up and go.


My get up and go has... Yes. Exactly that.


While I procrastinate in the hope that someone is going to phone me up and say my intervention isn't necessary, I'll just note my response to the massive spell various witches across the country are hoping to place on Donald Trump, courtesy of a particularly unflattering photo of him.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/donald-trump-spell-cast_us_58af3de7e4b0780bac27692a

I know lots of magical practitioners and far be it from me to decry their beliefs So, forgetting rational skepticism but keeping it internally consistent, let's assume a huge curse would get rid of Trump. No guarantee about what follows then, is there? OK, it's not a curse/hex, it's a binding. Well, all sorts of things could be binding Trump all ready.He could be bound by blackmail material, by loans or promises he made once upon a time. He could be bound by Putin, or big business, or whoever.

Though I wander the realms of the barmy as a scout familiar with the lay of the land, I honestly think there are better things to do with one's energy; it isn't even a one-off! The spell's to be repeated every month until he's gone! There could be unforeseen consequences: the laws of sympathetic magic might result in puzzled practitioners staring at their suddenly shrunken hands, or developing little white circles round their eyes. Worst of all,a psychic link might occur, til the magical presence of the POTUS can be felt by the practitioner everywhere, growing stronger and stronger. Time comes when one sits in front of a mirror at midnight by candlelight, speaks the spell and opens eyes in tie to see one's reflection:



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